Our Team

About Professional Title Services

Professional Title Services is located on the West Coast of Central Florida, commonly known as the “Tampa Bay” area, and handles closings throughout the State of Florida.  The “Professional” in our name is there for a reason.

We are owned and operated by a Florida Attorney with 43 years of experience practicing law in Florida who has additionally been “Board Certified in Real Estate Law” in Florida since 1994.  His depth of experience is an asset that proves itself time and time again.  Our many clients have the advantage of timely resolutions to a myriad of last minute legal, estate/probate, or other title issue problems that otherwise stop or unduly delay closings.

Our Team

Jan Bessellieu
Jan is our agent of record, escrow agent, and has over 30 years experience
Email: jbessellieu@proftitle.org

Keith A. Ringelspaugh, Esq.
Keith owns the title agency Is Board Certified in Real Estate Law / with 43 years as an Attorney in Florida See his website: Keithringlaw.com
Email: Keith@keithringlaw.com

Gwendolyn Brown
Gwen is our associate agent with over 10 years experience.
Email: gwen@proftitle.org

Rose Marshall
Rose is our title processor who will get your file off to a great start.
Email: rose@proftitle.org
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